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Marland and Riley launch new mentoring program

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Sunshine Coast, Queensland — Marland and Riley today announced a new mentoring program to help new home builders and buyers apply for extended Australian government grants and journey them through all the stages of building their new home. The program hopes to reduce the burden and stress for those new to the property market and give winning applicants a boost into their future property portfolio. “We are looking to raise new property investors,” said Chris Marland, Marland and Riley CO-CEO. “It’s hard for people new to the game. There’s a lot of hidden nasties to look out for. Paul and I want to give back to our community and help new owners avoid financial hardships in the future.”

Last December, the Australian Government announced they would be extending several grants for new homeowners and builders until March 2021. “These Grants can save people thousands,” explains Paul Riley. “Often or not people aren’t aware of all the grants available to them”.

The First home buyer mentor program is open to anyone wanting or considering applying to for these extended government grants or just someone only looking at building their dream home. 

Mentoring will help applicants for free with Eligibility, Finance and Grant approval, Find a House and land package, Legalities, Keeping your building project on track, Settlement and Budgeting and Mortgage reduction strategies.

Mentoring applications are open now and available from this link.

For more information on the grants available, please read our grants page.