Do You Need Conveyancing on the Sunshine Coast or can you use a company anywhere in Queensland?

Conveyancing Sunshine Coast is as busy as any Region in Queensland right now. Many investors are turning to property as the safest and best investment in these uncertain stock markets. A good conveyancer can be worth their weight in gold and save you money on a deal or keep a contract in place if you need more time.

There can be a countless number of contracts to sign when buying a property and understanding the terminology can be very difficult without the right help. 

A good conveyancer does not necessarily need to be a top level lawyer or be large solicitor’s company to get the job done for you and you do not need to go to conveyancing Sunshine Coast to find one. All legislation within conveyancing Sunshine Coast is Queensland based and so a good conveyancer can be found anywhere in the State – remember you do not ever need to meet your solicitor/conveyancer.

All you need is a good internet connection and a reliable mobile signal to keep in touch with your conveyancer.


We have used conveyancers in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland for clients depending on the required legislation. If you live on our Sunny Coast and you want to find a good company then any recommendation in Queensland would be OK as long as it is a good recommendation!

If conveyancing Sunshine Coast is something that you want then there are great companies that we can recommend. These conveyancers will liaise with all parties involved including banks, the seller, other conveyancers and many more in order to get the job done for you. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you have a tried and tested company making sure nothing is overlooked. 

What does a good conveyancer do? They will handle the legalities of the following areas for you:

  1. Review the contract
  2. Signing the contract
  3. Cooling off period
  4. Finance
  5. Building and pest
  6. Searches
  7. Going to unconditional contract
  8. Settlement
  9. Post settlement

Ensuring compliance is achieved in a timely manner between all parties and that the contract is in both the buyer’s and the seller’s interest is something only a good conveyancer can do.


Are you looking for a Conveyancer?

At Marland and Riley our conveyancers are one of the leading property lawyers in Queensland and are well known throughout the building and development industry. We provide a quality, personalised and cost effective legal service to the residential property market in Queensland, Australia.

It is important that a Seller and Buyer selects an independent lawyer who will fully protect their interests under the Contract of Sale throughout this conveyancing process, following their instructions only throughout the transaction. In all transactions our conveyancer will provide our client with a Statement of Independence to confirm they have no financial, business or family relationship with the other side, Selling Agent or any other person associated with the transaction. Let our conveyancers make the whole process easy.

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