We have one the best financial brokers in Australia determine if you are in the financial position to purchase a home. Using our extensive network and connections, we provide you with the best house and land package to suit your circumstances, maximising your financial capabilities while keeping your personal preferences in mind. 

Great long-term connections with our builders ensure a smooth building process and excellent communication throughout the build. Utilising our long-term experience and unique industry tools, we’ll provide you with an optimised plan on how to pay off your mortgage quickly. We tend to foster long term relationships with our clients, offering free yearly reviews so you can keep maximising your financial situation.

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Step 1.

First things first – are you in a financial position to buy a property? We use state of the art financial programs to determine exactly where you sit financially and what your possibilities are. Once these fundamentals are established, we answer any questions you may have and address any concerns.

We then complete a Fact Find which we forward onto our finance specialist who will determine whether the lenders/banks are prepared to approve a loan.  Simple, straightforward and effective.

Step 2.

Once our finance specialists have completed their analysis of your specific situation, we are ready for step 2: Your individualised Strategic Plan.

At this important meeting, we will present your Strategic Plan with specific house and land packages within your budget. The plan will both draw on the financial analysis and our detailed knowledge of the region, the planning scheme, projected developments and long-term connections within the industry.

And our care doesn’t stop there. Your plan also details how you can pay off your mortgage well within thirty years (many of our clients are paying off their mortgage in 5 – 15 years). We pride ourselves on our long-term vision and overall care of our clients, leading you all the way. 

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Step 3.

We have established the fundamentals, ticked off all the boxes in your financials and answered all your questions. You feel fully confident in your plan and we are ready for the exciting part: Purchasing your property. 

We will guide you through the following steps together with our expert partners:

  • An expression of interest (EOI) is signed by you for the specific property you have chosen and a deposit of $1000 is paid. The deposit is 100% refundable under all circumstances. 
  • A contract of sale is drawn up and signed subject to finance. 
  • Finance is approved and the contract goes unconditional.
  • The land is purchased first and a builder’s deposit is paid.
  • The builder will liaise with you and us on the progress of the build and any payments required.
  • Once building work is finished, we help arrange the last payment and congratulations! Here are your keys!

Buying your first home is an exciting step, but we recognise that you might have concerns along the way. At Marland and Riley, you are never alone. We help you at every step, drawing on our network of industry specialists, liaising with the Finance Specialist (Broker), the builder, and the conveyancer/solicitor.

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Holding the keys to your first home is an exhilarating moment. Congratulations on your first step towards long-term financial independence.

We will call you after 12 months to see how you are progressing with your plan and to establish any new potential in your investment capabilities.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Marland and Riley is not a licensed provider of credit, financial planning advice, tax advice or investment planning advice nor does it  hold itself up to be a specialist in any of these areas. Any comments made above outside of property commentaries are of a general nature only and should not be used as any form of specific advice that might influence your decision to act in any way. Any such decisions should only be made with advice from a licensed credit provider or appropriately licensed financial adviser or tax accountant.