First Home buyer mentoring

Fee-free Mentoring you through finding and building your new home utilising the government new home buyer grants.

Let your first home be a new home. Just the way you want it.

New home buyer mentoring 1

Did you know that the Australian Government has extended the first home buyer grants? 

These extensions to the grants are great news for people wanting to build and own their first home. However, it’s not that simple for first home buyers. There’s paperwork, meetings, budgeting, building and then on top of all of that you need to apply for the grants which are in themselves confusing enough. 

That’s where Marland and Riley wants to help. Our local experts Chris and Paul, have had over 40 years in property and want to lend their expertise to you! New home buyers. We want to help mentor you through every step of the way through the new home buyers journey. 

What does mentoring help me with?

The First home buyer mentor program is open to anyone wanting or considering applying to for these extended government grants or just someone only looking at building their dream home.  

We manage the whole process for you, including:

✅ Eligibility, 

✅ Finance and Grant approval, 

✅ Find a House and land package.

✅ Legalities

✅ Keeping your building project on track

✅ Settlement

✅ Budgeting and Mortgage reduction strategies

Who are my mentors?

Paul Riley

Paul started investing in property 32 years ago at the age of 26 and saw the Australian property market’s potential and how Australians value property so highly. Since then, he has been helping people all over Australia to invest in property and develop a portfolio that gives them passive income for life.

Paul has worked in 4 councils in Southeast Queensland in their Planning and Development Departments gaining experience and making valuable contacts throughout the development and construction industry. Paul has had several successful businesses over the last 36 years, which has driven him to help others become financially independent.

Christian Marland

Chris has been involved in the investment sector of the property industry for over 15 years. During this time, he has attained qualifications in Financial Planning, Finance Broking and Real Estate, which gives him a broad knowledge of the different aspects of investing in property.

How do I apply?

Applying is simple and takes 1 minute to complete. Because of the high number of people who have registered, we must pre-vet applicants. After you have applied, you will receive a call from your mentor to start getting you ready for the exciting journey. 

Apply for mentoring