I recently visited my mate’s place who owns a large permaculture farm and has a beautiful wooly calf who acted like a puppy dog when it was feeding time. I asked my mate his name and he told me it was Sir – short for sirloin! He chose the name because he breeds cattle for its meat and so cannot afford to let his heart rule his head when feeding the family.

So why would you use a real estate agent over a property investment specialist?

If you are buying your home, your place of residence then normally you would buy with your heart, you would let your heart rule your head. It has to be something that resonates with you, that makes you feel great about your purchase and your future life in that home.

I know a lot of very good real estate agents who help people make the best decision they can because they understand that when choosing a home these decisions are made from the heart.

Property investment is very different, data is king. A property investment professional understands this and presents the best fit strategy for you based on your personal data and property data.

You cannot let your heart rule your head when investing in property, it would be like playing roulette, the odds are not in your favour.

As property investment professional we look at future population forecasts – more people coming into an area means more demand for housing. We look at infrastructure spending – if the government is spending billions in an area then they believe their population figures are right and are putting the coping mechanisms in place. We also look at the economy of the region because you need a sustaining mechanism to keep the people in the area. 

Then there is affordability and gaining the best rental income you can so that you can pay off your mortgage quickly and gain passive income for life. Demographics also play their part and other historical trends that may be relevant. 

A good property investment specialist takes all this into account and more when making a decision for you,

So the moral of this story? Don’t get attached to your cute calf if you are going to eat its meat.